I left Kelcy and Dakota's session thinking, "This. This is why I do what I do." And lemme tell ya, it was the best feeling.

I got connected with Kelcy through Facebook (yay for technology!), and we started planning an adventurous photo session for her and her husband, Dakota. She and I had the chance to meet up before the session, and once I met her lovely happy self in person, I was even more ecstatic about the shoot. When the day finally came (praise the Lord for warm sunny days in January!), the three of us took a little road trip up to northwest Oklahoma to explore some state parks. 

Guys, I can't even describe how fun this shoot was. We started out at Little Sahara Sand Dunes (how is this in Oklahoma??) and spent a couple hours hiking the dunes, nearly getting blown over by the wind, making sand angels, and dancing to the Lumineers. Then we made our way to Gloss Mountain State Park and after climbing some very sketchy stairs (and in the process realizing how out of shape we were), we spent that last glorious golden hour of the day watching the sunset and dancing around to keep warm. All kinds of worth it.     

Kelcy and Dakota were a dream to photograph and even more fun to spend the day with as we laughed and explored. We jammed out to our favorite songs in the car and ended the day with taking a chance on a small town Mexican restaurant that turned out to be delicious. We started out our adventure that day as acquaintances and ended it as friends. 

And man alive, these two are absolutely crazy about each other. I don't think they stopped smiling the whole time. They were too wrapped up in making each other laugh to mind the cold wind, getting sand in their hair, or the sore leg muscles from all that hiking. Their love is a beautiful thing, and these pictures make me smile every time I look at them.

And yeah. That's why I do what I do.