It is always an exciting thing when I find people who love adventuring as much as I do. Over a couple of weekends last month, I had the pleasure of spending several days with Nicole and Josh, as we hiked, explored, and camped out in the Wichita Mountains (it's pretty much my favorite place in Oklahoma, if you haven't caught on yet). Nicole + Josh are basically the perfect example of adventure buddies for life. They are always planning exciting outings to discover new places, they love a good challenging hike, and they are literally up for anything. Nicole even scaled some boulders in a long dress and heels. RESPECT. 

I seriously love these lovebirds. They're coming up on two years of marriage, and it's so fun to see two people who have settled so comfortably and happily into doing life together. They just love loving each other. For them, every day is an adventure, whether they're enjoying a quiet day at home, an outing to the city for brunch, or an all-day excursion in the mountains. As Atticus the poet so eloquently wrote, "I want to be with someone who dreams of doing everything in life, and nothing on a rainy Sunday afternoon." I couldn't have said it better myself. Nicole + Josh, here's to many more years of life adventures together!