Can I just say, Instagram is the absolute BEST.

Sure, it has its faults, but man, all because of posting photos on that little app, I have gotten connected with some incredible people who have become clients and friends. The lovely Kaitlin is one of those people.

Through mutual friends and connections, Kaitlin and I became Insta-friends and started planning this photoshoot. It took a few months to get it scheduled (adulting, amirite?), but the day finally came. She showed up on my porch, greeted me with a "Hi, friend!" and the best hug ever, and we jumped in the car to head for the mountains. On the way, we skipped right over small talk and dove straight into talking about our goals in life, relationships, Jesus, our biggest and scariest dreams and ideas, and everything in between (it was fantastic because let's be real, small talk is the woooorst).

As we chatted about what we wanted to do with the photoshoot, our conversation kept drifting back to the goodness of Jesus in giving us such a beautiful earth. We talked about the misconception in our busy culture that traveling is "selfish" or spending a day enjoying the outdoors is "lazy," when really, ignoring what God has created, or saying we're too busy to stop and enjoy it, is doing our God a great disservice. Traveling is worship. Being in awe of the beauty sprinkled everywhere around us is praise.

So Kaitlin and I decided to take these images with the intent of saying one big sun-drenched THANK YOU to Jesus for giving us wildflowers and mountains and boulders and green grass and sunsets just because He could. Images that reflected our resolve to stop our busyness every once in a while and savor what God has made, worshipping Him through how we revel in His creation. And at the end of the shoot, we put our cameras and phones down and perched on the mountainside, watching as the sun dipped below the horizon; enjoying, appreciating, taking delight in our Creator's work.     

I love this extraordinary lady and her passion for living fully. 10/10 a beautiful day.