Oh man... ohhhhhh man, let me tell you about this day.

First off, it was my birthday, so that was cool. It was the final day of my summer roadtrip to Colorado, and I was getting to ring in my 23rd year in my favorite place on earth. I was high on life, dreading the thought of leaving my beloved mountains the next day, but giddy at the thought of going home. 

That evening, I met up with Jo + Juan in Keystone for our adventure session. Jo and I had known each other over Instagram for several months (um, because she's a BOMB photographer and you all need to go check out her mad skill), and her family even lives in Oklahoma, but our paths had yet to cross. And can I just say, it is so incredibly fun when you finally meet an online friend in person, and they're just as cool and wonderful in real life?! Yeah, that's how it was. Jo showed me all the best photo spots around Keystone, and the three of us had such an amazing time driving up Loveland Pass, jumping out to take photos in that refreshing mountain air, and not being able to keep Jo from laughing the whole time.   

But the best part of this shoot? When we drove to the top of Loveland Pass and the clouds just stopped us dead in our tracks. I've never seen a more stunning sight in my life. We literally had to just sit and take it in for a few moments. Just keep scrolling. You'll see what I mean. Oh, and then the clouds rolled right over us and we got to shoot our last few photos actually INSIDE A CLOUD. No big deal. 

Basically, this was a dream session with two of the most fun people ever in the best place on earth. I could not have imagined a better way to wrap up my Colorado trip. 

And um. Can we talk about how these two are complete MODELS.