Alex + Ryan’s Oklahoma City engagement photoshoot is the perfect definition of an adventure session. Because of severe thunderstorms and impending flooding, we went back and forth and almost postponed it about three times, but we finally decided to just go for it and embrace the weather. I never shy away from shooting in the rain or inclement weather, because sometimes the craziest circumstances make for the most memorable photos. And I think that is exactly what happened with Alex + Ryan’ session. 

In preparation for the rain, we had chosen some indoor or covered locations around OKC with the idea to end the session with dancing in the rain. I absolutely love these two because even with the weather and all the chaos, they were all in! They drank beer at Fassler Hall and camped out in an alley to eat their favorite pie from The Hall’s Pizza Kitchen. They danced in parking garages and ran around on rooftops with a care in the world and not even a thought about the rain. 

As a photographer, it makes me so happy when couples are so all about each other that they don’t even care if it’s raining or they might get soaked or muddy. Alex + Ryan were 1000% focused on having a good time, embracing the situation, and enjoying each other. We laughed and ate pizza and it was the best time and definitely one of my favorite photo session memories from 2018. I’m so thankful that these two were down for anything and willing to trust me to still make their session awesome despite the less-than-ideal weather.

And you know what? All that worrying and in the middle of the session, the rain disappeared and gave us the most perfect overcast sky. Thanks so much, Oklahoma. You’re kinda the best sometimes.

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