Heck to the yes. These sessions are my absolute favorite! I'm so excited to take your engagement photos and spend time celebrating your love. If you're having any questions on what an engagement session with me looks like, here's a run-down of exactly that, plus some tips on how to prepare and make this the best photo session ever. Here we go! 



My biggest tip to my clients when picking your location is think about the style and vibe you're wanting for your session and your personalities as a couple! What do you enjoy doing together? What location would make you feel most comfortable? (Keep in mind when shooting in cities and urban areas, there will most likely be other people around.) Pick locations that reflect who you are as a couple so that it will feel more like a date rather than a photo session. Are you coffee junkies? Let's hit up some coffee shops! Or are you all about the outdoors? You're speaking my language; let's go get lost in the mountains.  

Typically, the two-hour time slot allows for up to two locations that are fairly close together. We don't want to waste shooting time driving long distances in between locations. Or we can just stick to one place!

If you don't have anywhere in mind, never fear! I have a wealth of locations I love shooting at, and I can show you some rad options. 



Okay, you've picked out your location, now what to wear?? Wear something fuss-free and that you're completely comfortable in; an outfit that makes you feel like yourself. You won't feel relaxed during your session if you're feeling self-conscious about your clothing choice, worried your dress might fall off your shoulder, or getting your toes pinched by your shoes. Wear something you're excited about and you feel awesome in! 

My couples generally start out with a more casual outfit; jeans, boots, button-ups, nice tops, flannels, etc. Something they would wear for a casual night out! And then later they change into a fancier style; long + flowy dresses, heels, a suit jacket, suspenders, whatever suits your fancy! Don't feel like your outfits have to match perfectly; just make sure colors don't clash, a pattern is paired with a complimentary solid, things like that. Have fun with it and make it your own! A lot of my clients will often splurge on a fun new outfit for their session; I support that 100%. Get something that makes you feel like the queen you are! (Amazon and Etsy are great resources!)  



One of my favorite things to do during sessions is play music! It helps you relax, set the mood, and offers some privacy if you guys want to start whispering sweet nothings to each other (which I totally encourage). I already have my go-to playlist, but please send me YOUR favorite songs to include, ones that define your relationship and ones you love to dance to!    


I usually plan these sessions to start about two hours before sunset because that's when lighting is at its best. If your schedule allows, something I encourage my clients to do is plan a relaxing day together up until the session starts. Do something fun as a couple, get ready for your session together, and then go chill in a coffee shop for a while. The last thing you want for your session is to show up stressed or tired. Come relaxed, refreshed, and ready for a fun time!



This is mostly for if we're shooting in a rugged, outdoor location, such as the mountains. Some photo spots may require a bit of hiking, so be sure to bring a comfortable pair of shoes for that purpose before changing into your nice ones for the shoot. You may also want to bring water, snacks, bug spray, sunscreen, anything else you might need for hiking around! I'll also have all those things with me for all of us to use, but feel free to bring your own supply.

For other locations, you may want to bring hairspray for any quick hair fixes, a make-up touch-up kit, just basic items like that to ensure you always feel like you're looking your best. Feel free tor bring an array of fun accessories like scarves or hats to throw on at various times, or your favorite blanket for you two to get cozy in. Several of my clients have also brought their pups to their session, which always makes for some pretty adorable photos. 



As strange as this may sound, it's true! I'm not big on perfectly posed pictures where you're always looking straight at me and smiling. We'll definitely take a couple traditional, classic portraits, but after that it's all about the candid, authentic moments. I'll ask you questions about how you met, what your first date was like, your favorite thing about each other, something about your significant other that inspires you most. I want to draw out real, natural emotion, and allow you two to focus on your joy and love for each other rather than worry about posing perfectly. I'll tell you my best bad puns to get you laughing and play music to get you dancing. My goal is for you to be so relaxed and comfortable that you practically forget I'm there and it's like you two are on a date (and I'm just your trusty third-wheel).  



And that's it! Now the fun begins! If you have any questions or ideas, just contact me and let's plan the most BOMB photos ever. See you at your session!!