YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY HIRE ME IF... love pizza. Because have I mentioned I really love pizza?? Match made in heaven.

+ are the kind of people who fall in love everyday with the thrill of being alive. The people who know life isn't always perfect, but still choose to embrace all of its messy imperfections. The people who will stay up all night to stargaze or who will always choose the scenic route or who get a little teary-eyed looking at mountains just because the world is so dang beautiful. The people who feel like they can take on this crazy, wild world as long as they're holding hands.

+ don't want pictures that look like everyone else's. Because you're not like everyone else! Each couple has their own story, their own quirks, their own personalities, their own inside jokes. Your photos will capture all of that and more, the total and complete essence of your love, that unique connection only the two of you share. From the way he looks at you to the way only she can make you laugh like that, it will all be frozen in time for the two of you to treasure for years to come.

+ want photographs that tell your love story. I grew up with a vibrant love for stories, hiding away in my room and reading for hours on end. So when I finally picked up a camera for the first time, I realized stories weren't just found in books. They are told through moments, through a tender gaze, through the way two people in love hold each other. I want you to look back at your pictures and remember every moment and emotion; images you will be proud to show your children and grandchildren one day. I am there to capture the vision you have for your day and document your celebration from beginning to end; from the anticipation on your faces right before your first look, to the moment you look into each other's eyes and say "I do" for life, to all the people you wanted there to celebrate with you. 

+'re looking for a friend, not just a vendor. In order to tell a story well, you have to know the characters well. I'm not the type to just show up, take pictures, and leave. I want to sit down with you over coffee and get to know you and your love story, your favorite things to do together, the people who are important to you. I want to know what makes your heart sing and what makes you laugh the hardest and if you're Marvel or DC kinda people. I'm with you every step of the way to help, encourage, and make your wedding day as incredible as you envision. And FYI, there's an 80% chance I will cry during your ceremony, and a 100% chance I will dance with you at your reception.


whether you're saying your vows in your hometown surrounded by friends, or alone in the mountains at sunset, YOUR PHOTOS WILL MAKE YOU SAY, "that's us. that's our story. that's our love."