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Hands-down my favorite thing to shoot. Whether you just got engaged or have been together for years, let's go exploring and let me document your crazy fantastic love in all of its raw, passionate, giddy goodness (I'm basically a professional third wheel). It’s not a photo session, it’s an experience. I work with you to plan the perfect locations, activities, and outfits to give you one-of-a-kind photos that look like you. We can dance on a mountaintop, go out for drinks, take a roadtrip, hike through the woods, build a blanket fort in your living room, or hang out in a cozy coffee shop, wherever we need to go to make the magic happen.  


If you and your other half are just insanely excited about getting married, if you're so swept up in your love for each other that you don't even mind if your dress gets muddy, if you’re breaking tradition and doing things your way, then we definitely need to chat. I’m not just a photographer who shows up, takes a few photos, and leaves. I want to create something amazing together. Nothing forced, nothing awkward, nothing cookie-cutter. Bold, honest images that tell your love story, document your celebration with all your favorite people, and give you something incredible to look back on for years to come.

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So you wanna elope? YAS QUEEN. Nothing says intimate and intentional like running off with your favorite human to a special place to say your marriage vows. There is something so magical about stripping away all the distractions and making your wedding day completely, utterly about the two of you. I’ll help you find the perfect location, nail down the details, and plan the most beautiful intimate ceremony wherever your heart is dreaming of.